Crocodiles get water by

Updated: 4/28/2022
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crocodiles get water by there mouth

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Q: Crocodiles get water by
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Why do crocodiles not migrate?

Because crocodiles have to have water.

What are the two breeds of crocodiles in Australia?

Estuarine Crocodiles and Salt Water Crocodiles!

How do you get crocodiles in alchemy classic?

Reptiles + Water = Crocodiles

Which crocodile is endangered?

their are lots of crocodiles endangered their are salt water crocodiles, crocodiles the crocodiles in india,alligaters and also caimans

How do Crocodiles sink and stay under water?

Crocodiles close there valve to stay under water.

Who likes to be in the water more crocodiles or alligators?

It depends! Alligators like fresh water and Crocodiles like salt water!

What threatens the saltwater crocodiles?

what is a salt water crocodiles biggest threat

How do crocodiles breath above water?

Crocodiles have nostrils on the top of their snouts.

Does niagara Fall have crocodiles?

No. Niagara Falls is too cold for crocodiles.

Are fresh water crocodiles or salt water crocodiles stronger and longer and weigh more?

Saltwater is the largest species.

What water do crocodiles go in to?

salt water and fresh water

Are salt water crocodiles friendly?

No, salt water crocodiles are the number one man-killer, after malaria and AIDS, in Africa.