Do Male Chickens Lay Eggs

Updated: 4/28/2022
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NO, they are only equipped to fertilize them.

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No they don't, only female chickens do

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Q: Do Male Chickens Lay Eggs
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Do all chickens lay eggs?

The females from all breeds of chickens lay eggs. Some hens stop laying when they are old, but there are no breeds or varieties of chickens in which the females do not lay eggs. Roosters, as the male of the species, never lay eggs.

Can you eat eggs that a cockerel lays?

Cockerels are male chickens, and never lay eggs.

Do you need a hen for a chicken to lay eggs?

Hens are chickens.Hens are female chickens and lay eggs.Roosters are male chickens and do not lay eggs.So your answer is YES, you need a hen to lay eggs.

If a rooster lays an egg on a roof which way will it fall i know but how many of you know?

There is no egg. (Roosters do not lay eggs).

What are some examples of a bird that lay eggs even without a male?

Domestic birds such as chickens and geese lay unfertilized eggs, which people eat.

What is the correct pronoun for - the chickens lay lots of eggs?

What is the pronoun for the chickens lay lots of eggs

Why don't meat king chickens lay eggs?

Simple logic: Meat queen chickens lay eggs; meat king chickens lay meat queen chickens.

Do chickens lay watermelons?

no they lay eggs THEY DON'T!! but some chickens lay eggs that turn into chicks over time

Is a male chicken required for hens to lay?

No. A hen will lay eggs regardless of a male partner as long as she is kept comfortable and happy. A male is needed if you plan on breeding more chickens though as he is needed to fertilize the eggs.

Do boy hens lay eggs am trying to say do boy hens lay eggs all year?

Hens are mom chickens and roosters are dad chickens. Only mom chickens, hens, lay eggs. They lay eggs all year.

Do boy chickens lay eggs?

Generally speaking, no. Male fowl do not lay eggs. However, there is a mythological creature known as a cockatrice that is said to hatch from an egg laid by a cock and incubated by a toad(or a snake, depending on the story).

Why do male turtles lay eggs?

when the seahorses are mating the female seahorse puts about 1500 eggs into the male seahorses pouch. The male seahorse carries the eggs for 4 to 45 days and then releases the seahorses into the water and leaves them.