Do black people have bad luck?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Do black people have bad luck?
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Why do people think cats are bad luck?

They say it is evil because of the black cat that passed someone on Friday the 13th and they got bad luck for a long time. But realy black cats are not bad luck it is just a rumer. They are even good luck somtimes. So it is just a rumer.

What are the figures of speech in the black cat?

i think cross paths with a black cat you get bad luck

Are black cats dangerous?

i don't think they are Haunted.because I have a black cat at my house. its just a "superstition" (did i spelled it rigth) they say that because in the old times of witch crafting witches used to have black cats as pets and witches casted a spell of bad luck on the cat so it go roaming around people causing "BAD LUCK" its a "Superstition" just like stepping on cracks...Answer 2: No it's not true it's only a superstition.Mudstar of meadowclan speaking: Just a superstition, I have two all black cats and one black and white cat.But it is a superstition so it depends on what you think

What is more unlucky a black cat or white cat?

A black cat would be more unlucky than a white cat. An example of this would be the belief that a black cat crossing your path leads to bad luck. There is no bad luck that a white cat would give you.

Does hamster bring luck?

Well, why should it bring bad luck? So what makes you ask? The answer is if you have faith in your hamster then it may. But, it's not about the luck a hamster brings you, it's the fun and laughter. If you think you want to know if it brings luck then you should be asking Does a hamster bring laughter? the answer to that question would be Yes.

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When is it bad luck to meet a black cat?

This is a myth and a black cat is not bad luck.

Is a black bad luck?

Yea black cats are bad luck landon robinson!!

Why is that black cats cause bad luck and not science?

Cats dont bring bad luck some people are hust superstitious and think this.

Is it bad luck to have a black cat as a pet?

No, that is just a myth. A long time ago people thought they were bad luck because they thought witches could turn into black cats.

Are black dogs bad luck?

No, neither black cats nor black dogs are bad luck. That is just superstition.

Do black cat mean good or bad luck?

The superstition is your in for bad luck if a black cat crosses your path.

When is it bad luck to have a black cat follow you?

do you mean,its bad luck when a black cat crosses you at night?

Why are black pearls bad luck?

Black pearls are not bad luck. In fact, they go nicely with sweaters.

Would the color black for dog bad luck?

No, black is not considered a bad luck color in dogs.

Is it bad luck spotting a black cat?

No seeing a black cat is not bad luck dont Believe who tells you that

Why do some people hate black cats?

Because there is a superstisions that says they are bad luck!!!

You took in a lost black cat will it bring bad luck?

No. If you take in a black cat it is actually very good luck because if you see one on the street it is usely unoened because people don't want bad luck but if you reverse the procese you get good luck.