Do chickens quit laying eggs

Updated: 8/11/2023
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it depends on the chicken some do stop but after their older and some might not stop laying but they will slow down (not lay as frequent)

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Q: Do chickens quit laying eggs
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My chickens quit laying eggs several weeks ago what do you do to make them lay again?

Hens often times quit laying eggs if they are in molt, It is to cold, or they are old. If it is cold where you live try giving them a heat lamp in the coop. If they are in molt you will have to wait until they are done. When hens get old they quit laying and are just cute pets! There are lots of good chicken sites on-line. Just goggle "raising chickens" and you should get tons of info.

How do rays have babies?

By laying eggs like chickens

Will apples effect chickens from laying eggs?


Chicken laying mammal?

There is no mammal that lays chickens. Even chickens do not lay chickens: they lay eggs. there are two types of egg-laying mammals (not chicken-laying), and they are the platypus and the echidna.

Is it normal for new laying chickens to skip days laying eggs?

It is normal for a laying chicken to not lay eggs for a few days. A hen needs time to rest.

When do production red chickens start laying eggs?

23 weeks

Will chickens stop laying eggs forever if they eat tomato leaves?

No, they will not.

How do you check if your chicken is still laying eggs?

if you only have bacon for your breakfast then you know your chickens are not laying anymore

How old do chickens need to be before they lay eggs?

Most chickens are between 5-6 months old before they start laying eggs and will lay eggs for about two years. Some chickens will start laying at 4.5 months, but this is rare and probably due to hormones in their feed.

Why have your bantam quit laying over night?

When chickens get to an age they decide to stop laying. They just get too old. Because it is winter at the moment, chickens are molting (loosing all of their feathers) and they often have a 'break' from laying for about a month. I have 20 or so chickens and I am only getting 3 eggs a day because most of them are molting. Your bantam could just be being slack or just old. Hope this helps....

How did chickens lay eggs before laying mash?

Chickens don't require laying mash to lay. The feed suppliers just formulated a feed that is balanced nutritionally to support laying birds.

What is the difference between laying chickens and meat chickens?

Chickens only lay eggs. Baby chickens (chicks) hatch from those eggs and grow up. If the eggs are not fertilized, however, then they will not hatch. Those are the ones that are eaten.