Do chupacabras eat people or animals?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Many believe that a chupacabra is infact a coyote with mange. As with all wild animals if cornered they will try to protect themselves. If that means attack, then the answer to you question is yes in self defence.

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On the one hand, they eat goats; on the other hand, they don't exist.

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Q: Do chupacabras eat people or animals?
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What do el chupacabras eat?

Farm animals and pets

Do chupacabras eat humans?

no because they only been seen to eat barnyard animals

What does chupacabras eat?

Mainly small farm animals like sheep and also humans sometimes

What animals are chupacabras most closely related to?

Chupacabras are most closely related to tazmanian tigers and i believe that chupacabras are just a population of tazmanian tigers that escaped from zoos when they were still in them

Do any of the animals eat people?

Do any of which animals, and where, eat people? Lots of animals eat people, though humans are not as appetizing as one might think.

Is chupacabras hairy?

No, chupacabras are said to have greenish-gray scaley skin.

What are Chupacabras famous for?

I think that Chupacabras are famous for they're unique features, like hairless-ness, and long snouts. People say it's a hybrid between a Coyote, and a Mexican Wolf.

How do chupacabras use the bathroom?

because chupacabras are mythical i would assume they excrete rainbows..

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Can Chupacabras poop?


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