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Mama cats sometimes seem to prefer one kitten out of their litter, but not always. It is a natural tendency of animals. After all, even human mothers sometimes pick favorites.

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Q: Do mama cats have a favorite from the litter?
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Why cats go in litter?

When the litter is manufactured the manufacture puts chemicals in the litter that the cats like and it attracts the cats. Same thing with scratching posts and other accessories for your cat.

Why do cats urinate in litter?

Cats normally bury their urine and feces. For this reason, they will urinate in litter. Providing a litter box is a great substitution.

Is there a litter of cats?


Do cats always wee in there litter tray?

If there is a litter tray, then yes.

Why do cats have sticky litter clumps?

Because there poop sticks to the litter.

How many cats are in a litter when they are born?

a cats can have 1 or 6 there first litter or up to ten another, it depends on the cat.

Where do cats urinate?

in a litter box?

How much is litter trays for cats?

The cost is between 6to10dollars for the average litter box.

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Why is it called a litter of cats?

lemons for lemons

What are a lot of kittens called?

A litter of cats.

A group of cats?

A group of cats is called a litter if they are kittens, and a clutter if they are adults.