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Plant cells do specialize but not in the same way as animal cells. Animal cells have specialized cells such as nerve cells, reproductive cells or muscle cells etc. Plant cells do not have any of those. But Plant cells have other specialized cells such as photosynthesis cells, epidermal cells etc.

Both Animal and Plant cells have specialized cells that perform a specific function to keep the cell/organism alive.

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Q: Do plant cells specialize in the same way animal cells do?
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Why does a plant cell have on large vacuole?

In plant cells, large vacuoles are needed to store water. In animal cells, other things are stored in the vacuoles including food and waste, therefore there are many small vacuoles. The main reason plant's vacuoles are so big is to keep the plant from bursting. Plants can absorb too much water. Without the enlarged vacuole, the plant would burst.

What type of organisms can mate that are not of the same species?

Plant and animal life that are not of the same species can mate. In plant life, this creates hybrid strains of plants, such as varieties of corn. In animal life, creatures such as the Liger exist. The Liger is a result of a lion and tiger mating and producing an offspring. A horse and a donkey mate to create a mule.

Do both plants and animals have tissues?

Tissu is a Francish mutand of textum, Latin for "weft". The term isn't accurate on the cellular level spare muscles which can stretch in mostly one or two lodes--they are not networks and there are no stitches, braids, or knots. For NAs and AAs it's somewhat better as the molecula are handed, twisted, and sometimes braided. But over cells the stuff of limbs are bunches of sacks gluet together. If they were woven--or tissu--all of their proteins would be denatured; that is, scrambled. So tissue is a misnomer. :)

Why animals and plants need food?

Plants and animals need food in order to survive. The nutrients the food gives off into the animal and plant keep its energy level up, and maintains the animal or plant. Himans as well need food, for the same reasons. That also goes for oxygen, water, and sunlight.

Are prey and food the same thing?

No! Food applies to any item - plant or animal - eaten by animals. Prey refers to animals killed for food by predators.

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How do animal cells look like?

A cell of a dog is an animal cell, and animal cells are microscopic. Animal cells don't have a cell wall or chloroplasts. Plant cells do. Plant cells and animal cells both have a cell membrane, mitchondria, vacuoles, nucleus, and cytoplasm. Animal cells are disformed or roundish and plant cells are square and boxlike.

What kind of vacuoles could a cell have?

Both plant and animal cells have the same types of vacuoles but, plant cells' are bigger than an animal cells'

Do animal cells have cell mambranes?

Yes. Animal cells are the same as human cells. Plant cells are a little different.

Is Golgi bodies in plant or animal cells?

Golgi bodies are found in both plant and animal cells. There may in fact be more Golgi bodies per cell in plant cells than in animal cells. Golgi Apparatus is found in both animal and plant cells. It is known as dictyosomes in plant cells and Golgi complex in animal cells. But the function remains the same.

Do animal and plant cells reproduce the same way?


Is chloroplast found in both animal cells and plant cells?

Nope. It is only in plant cells. The mitochondria is basically the same thing as a chloroplast, only it is found in animal cells. Plant Cell - Chloroplast Animal Cell - Mitochondria

Are plant cells and animal cells both made up of the same parts?

NO there not

Is the Nucleolus found in plant or animal cells?

A nucleus is found in a plant and animal cell - (check the labelled diagrams of a plant cell and an animal cell to see what is the same and what isn't.)

Does plants and animal cells have the same shape or the same chloroplasts or the cell membrane or cells have a tough wall?

No to all of the above. Plant and animal cells do not have the same shape. Plant cells have chloroplasts. Animal cells do not. Plants have a cell wall. Animal cells have a cell membrane. However there is one atom difference between a plant's chlorophyl and a human's hemoglobin. 53% of the DNA in a human and a banana tree is the same. Similarities exist.

Is lysosomes found in plant or animal cells?

Lysosome are found in animal cells as plant central vacuoles do the same job for plants as lysosomes do for animals. " Digestion " tasks.

What is the difference between plant cell and animal cells?

an animal cell contains a nucleus as does the plant cell. the plant cell contains a cell wall but the animal cell contains a cell membrane. they bothe have the same purpose to protect the inner layer of the cells. a plant cell has a vacoule which is a storage area for cytoplasm and an animal cell does not. a plant cell also contains chloroplast which is a pigment to give the plant cells its green color.

Do the cells below come from a plant or a animal?

i think it's because the plant cell and the animal cell are the same