Do plants have nucleus

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Plants have eukariyotic cells.So they have nucleus.

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yesPlants are eukariyotic organisms.So they always have true nucleus
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Plant cells have nuclei

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Q: Do plants have nucleus
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Does a strawberry plant have a nucleus?

yes because all plants have a nucleus

Do plants have nuclues?

yes the do have a nucleus

What structure is not unique to plants?


What structure is unique to plants?


Which plant cell has no nucleus?

Plants are eukaryotic, so they must all have nucleus.

Do all animals have a nucleus?

yes all animals have a nucleus, including plants

Where is your nucleus found in the cell?

In the center, we are not plants.

Is nucleus found in an animal or a plant?


Do plants have a nucleus and a cell wall?

I dont no

Where is the nucleus found in both plant and animal?

the nucleus is found in the cells of both plants and animals.

What is the location of cell nucleus?

in animals nucleus found in centre but in plants because of the large vacuoles nucleus touch the cell membrane

Why don't plants have a nucleus?

nucleus are for cells. plants themselves dont have a nucleus, but the cells that make them up do. a plant doesnt need a nucleus. tecnicly speeking, you cant prove a negative, so its hard to answer your question. if you had a hypothisis of why a plant should have a nucleus, that would be good to put up as a question, but its tough to answer your question as is. Plants have multiple cells, and the cells have nuclei. (Nuclei is plural for nucleus).