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Raccoons have a gestation period of 63-65 days.

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There gestation period is typically 63 days

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Q: Do raccoons have an incubation period or gestation period?
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What is the gestation of raccoons?

The gestation period for raccoons is 63-65 days.

What is the gestation period of a goose called?

The gestation period of a goose is called the incubation period. After the incubation period, if the egg is fertilized, a chick will hatch.

What is the difference between incubation and gestation?

Incubation is the period for an egg to hatch and gestation is the period where the unborn is inside the body of the mother awaiting the time to be born.

If an animal lays eggs does it have a gestation period?

No, gestation is development in the uterus. Eggs have an incubation period.

What is incubation period for caribou?

The 'gestation' period for caribou is usually 240 days. -( 'incubation' period refers to birds)

How long is the incubation period of a cow?

The word "incubation" directly refers to the time an egg needs to be kept warm before it hatches. Since cows do not lay eggs, they do not have an incubation period. They have what is called a "gestation" period. This gestation period is generally 285 days long.

How long is the incubation or gestation of a blue crab?

Crabs have an average gestation period of 14 days.

How long gestation period for spiders?

Spiders have an incubation period of 9-27 days.

What what is the incubation period of a baboon?

The gestation period of a baboon is likely to be 6 to 7 months

What is the brown basilisk lizard's gestation or incubation period?

It i normal for a female lizard to have a period.

Incubation period of a mouse?

The average gestation period for a mouse is approximately 20 days.

What is the incubation of a hippo?

the hippo gestation period is just 8 months