Do snakes recognize humans

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Yes, but they are usually not agressive. Most attacks are accidental encounters and the snake takes the blame when it does happen. Humans attack more snakes then the reverse behavior, and most often the snake is not a threat to people or property and are a valuable part of the ecosystem.

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No - they don't. They haven't got the necessary brain-functions to enable them to recognise people.

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Q: Do snakes recognize humans
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snakes dont poison people when they bite them but humans do

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Snakes don't help humans..but they are useful for entertainment..but are dangerous.

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Snakes are not domesticated, which means that they do not recognize humans as part of their family. You are prey to a snake - you will never be seen as the snake's friend. Being "mean" is natural behavior for a python and you will not be able to change that.

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They arent

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Snakes are poisonous to humans but not to Meerkats.

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