Do wild rabbits live together

Updated: 4/28/2022
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alisha says no

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Q: Do wild rabbits live together
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Can rabbits and quail live together?

yes as long as you are not breeding the rabbits or quail they should get along well

What content do rabbits live in?

Wild rabbits live in burrows.

Do wild rabbits live in the UK?

Yes, rabbits and hares can live wild in the UK. I've seen them!

What wild animals live with rabbits?

i do not live with it

In what place do rabbits live?

Wild rabbits live in burrows which are tunnels underground.

Is a warrant where wild rabbits live?

A warren is series of connected, underground tunnels where rabbits live.

Can wild rabbits live without nursing?


Do wild rabbits live in the backyards?

no they live in your toilet sewer

Do wild rabbits have feas?

Not only for wild rabbits, almost all types of animals that live in the wild have flea! I think you meant flea, instead of fea. But yeah wild rabbits have fleas.

What is a home for rabbits beginning with war?

a warren. That is where most wild rabbits live.

Do domestic rabbits live longer than wild rabbits?

Yes. Pet rabbits usually live 8-12 years. Wild rabbits usually die before the age of 2 because they have so many predators.

Do wild rabbits live in the tundra?

Yup Everywhere But Antartica