Does Sally hansen test on animals?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Sally Hansen does indeed test their products on animals, for different products such as creams and foundations, hair removers and actual nail polish! If you want to help solve the animal testing problem, please write Sally hansen beauty supplies at:

410 American Road
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Attn: Sally Hansen Consumer Affairs

or call them at:

1 800 953 5080

Please help the problem.

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Q: Does Sally hansen test on animals?
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Why does Sally hansen test on animals?

because she was bullied as a child by a squirrel

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Who made Sally Hansen?

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What is the ticker symbol for sally hanson proudts?

The ticker symbol for Sally Hansen products is COTY. The ticker symbol is COTY because Sally Hansen is a division of Coty cosmetics.

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Sally Hansen offers several different things as far as nail art is concerned. These items include Nail Arts Pens and Quick Dry Nail Pens.

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