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It depends on the horse, typically the quarter horse is the fastest horse alive.

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Q: Does a mustang horse run faster then a jaguar?
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Do leopards run faster than a jaguar?

yes they generally run and prey faster than a jaguar.

Who runs faster a jaguar or a wolf?

A jaguar can run faster, but a wolf can run for a very long time, and still fast.

Does a jaguar run faster than a lion?


What is faster a horse or cammel?

A horse is faster than a camel. The American Quarter Horse can run at speeds up to 40 miles an hour for a quarter mile.

What is faster a horse or a panther?

Horses are faster in the long run.

Can a jaguar run faster than a spider monkey can swing?


How do you get my barrel horse to run faster?

slap its behind then it will run faster or feed it more or sell it for a faster one

Can an elk run faster than a horse?

The horse is a little faster than elk, horse can run 47.5 mph, Elk 45 mph, though perhaps in some extreme situations Elk could be faster than a horse.

Is the jaguar faster than the jaguar?

The jaguar is an ambush killer it does not need to run fast. Lions live on open areas, vast grassland so therefore, they need a faster burst to catch their prey

What is fastest horse or giraffe?

A Horse can run faster than a Giraffe.

Is a wild horse mustang faster than a thoroughbred in captivity?

It depends. Sprinting, it might be unless the thoroughbred is bred for racing. then the thoroughbred might win. in a long run, the thoroughbred would win

Can a horse help you get to go faster?

Faster than you can run, but not faster than you can drive a car.