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Rats do fantastic on a vegan diet (no egg, dairy, or meat) Putting them on this diet will help ensure long and healthy lives (some even end up living to 7 years old) And drastically reduce instances of cancer and tumors. People normally spay their female rats to reduce their chances of getting tumors, that is a very invasive surgery on such a little animal, and unnecessary if you put them on a vegan diet. Good foods for them include, grains: wild/brown rice and oats, veggies: Peas, spinach corn (raw), nuts: walnut and chestnut, fruit: strawberries, blueberries, bananas. Grains help keep up weight, green vegetables add protein calcium, and a host of vitamins (also very good for ill ratties, anything in the kale family), fruits are nice for sweet treat and have vitamin's Keep in mind things like vitamin C are not important for rats as they can create their own within their bodies, they are not human but they have a 90 percent DNA match with us, so if its good and healthy for YOU (a vegan diet) then its likely to be good for your rat. Some quick tips, onions, raw potatoes, citrus fruit, the skin and pit of an avocado are all bad things for rats to eat, please avoid. Leave your rats food uncooked (but fresh) This is the best way for your rats to enjoy everything their food has to offer, cooking often destroys and adds carcinogens to the food. Pick up a raw vegan and a food combining book, its really quite fascinating once you delve into it all. (never feed them the crap from a bag in petstores, seriously, don't)

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Q: Does a rat need meat to be healthy I would love to adopt a rat if it could be healthy without eating animal products?
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