Does a sea anenome shock

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no it does not.

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Q: Does a sea anenome shock
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What family does the sea anenome belong in?

in animal

What is the relationship between a clownfish and sea anenome?

Commensalism because the clownfish uses the sea anenome (which is un-affected) to lay their eggs in and to live in.

What phylum is the anenome?

A sea anemone is in the phylum "cnidaria"

Does a sea anenome have symmetry?

It's radial not bilateral.

What is a similarity between starfish and sponges?

A sea anenome is a plant, where as a starfish is an animal. Their diets differ and most anenomes can deliver a poisonous shock to another animal.

Does a sea anenome have bilateral symmetry?

It's radial not bilateral.

How do you spell sea anenome?

The spelling is sea anemone, a marine polyp usually of limited mobility.

What kind of relation ship do clown fish and sea anenome have?


What does a sea anenome eat?

Sea anenomes soak up nutrients in the ground; in otherwords, fish poo.

What does a clown fish live?

if u mean what they live in then it's a sea anenome.

Can a sea anemone live with a sea urchin?

I think a sea anenome and a sea urchin can live together because i have a little aquarium and there is a sea urchin and and a sea anenome (if that's how you spell it) living in there and they were perfectly fine. BUT if you have a sea urchin do not have any crabs in there, because my sea urchin killed one, and almost killed another one by taking its claw off. :(

What eats sea anenome?

Sea anemones have a few different predators in the ocean. These predators include fish, sea slugs, turtles, and sea stars.