Does a wasp have a segmented body?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes it does

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Q: Does a wasp have a segmented body?
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Do Sea wasps have a segmented body?

No, a sea wasp is a type of jellyfish, not an insect.

Does amoebas have a segmented body?

segmented body

What is the difference between bees wasps hornets and bumble bees?

Wasps: Has a clearly seen segmented body its abdomen is bigger than its thorax Hornets: Commonly mistaken for a wasp they are a bit longer that a wasp and still segmented Bee: It is fatter and not as segmented as a hornet or wasp Bumble bee: they are big mainly black bee with a bit of yellow to them and look like a pompom.

Does locust have a segmented body?

I think that it has a segmented body because if you see it's body under it's wings you will find a segmented body

Does a earthworm have a segmented body?

yes it is in the phylum annelida meaning segmented body

Does a frog segmented body?

A frog is an amphibian with a smooth, slick, cool, and segmented body. A segmented body helps with longer, easier movements when jumping.

Does a protozoan have a segmented body?

does a protozoe have segmented bodies

Does a cow have a segmented body?

No. Insects have segmented bodies

Do sea biscuits have segmented bodies?

Sea Biscuits are echinoderms.echinoderms have segmented body therefore sea biscuits also have segmented body.

Do ants have segmented bodies?

yes the ant as a segmented body because it has three body sections

Do amoebas have a segmented body?

Nope they dont. Certain types of worms (polychates) have segmented bodies, as do crustaceans (lobsters, crabs, etc) and insects.

Does leech have a segmented body?