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Evolution through natural selection occurs slowly over millions of years. It has been hypothesized that evolution is the result of positive mutations that occur in a community of organisms that help them survive better. Evolution is essentially descent with modification.

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Q: Generally evolution by natural selection occurs quite slowly over?
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What question did both Lamarck and Darwin try to answer with their theories of evolution?

What is the mechanism that causes evolution. Both knew evolution occurred and occurs but did not know how or why. Lamark's " desire to evolve " and " acquired characteristics " failed to explain evolution. Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection was the better explanation.

Is evolution closely related to DNA?

Yes; changes in DNA are the vehicle by which evolution occurs.

How rats can become resistant to Warfarin?

Resistance to warfarin in rats occurs when there is a genetic mutation in their gene code. Which gets passed on when they breed so it makes other rats immune too. This is called natural selection

What in the world is convergent evolution?

Convergent evolution occurs when unrelated species evolve with similar features. An example of this is opposable thumbs, which primates typically have. Opossums also have an opposable thumb, and they are not from the primate family.

What did the quokka evolve from?

This cannot be answered as evolution still remains a theory, not a fact.From an evolutionist point of view, the ancestry of the quokka is unclear. It is a very distinct species that has no discerned links to other macropods. Whilst it seems to most closely relate to the rock wallabies, its own "evolutionary path" remains uncertain,From the Creationist point of view, no evolving happened. There are many different species in the world of all kinds of animals. God created the Heavens and the Earth and he made everything in the universe, including animals to multiply "after their own kind". "Natural" selection is a real process that occurs when stronger characteristics emerge, and weaker members of the species die out. Thus, natural selection has occurred to allow these smaller marsupials to survive in certain conditions, but there is no evidence that the quokka was ever anything but a quokka.

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The hypothesis that the evolution of different species occurs?

natural selection

Is evolution a natural selection?

Natural selection explains the process of evolution: evolution by natural selection. It basically means that species with the highest fitness (survival rate) will live, and be selected by nature for the characteristics they possess that make them more apt to survive. Because of natural selection, evolution occurs.

According to evolution evolution generally occurs when?

Evolution occurs when life forms reproduce with genetic variation of inherited traits, within an environment with a limited carrying capacity (which is basically all environments). In other words, evolution happens where life as we know it exists.

Do you think that evolution by natural selection is occurring in cacti?

Evolution occurs in all life, all the time.

Which force of evolution makes a population more alike?

Stabilizing selection occurs when the extreme forms of some trait are selected against by natural selection. It is a force of natural selection which causes evolution (definition: change of allele frequency in a population divided by time).

Forensic pathologist use evidence to find what evidence in favor of evolution and natural selection?

direct evidence is the observation as it occurs

Is Natural selection is the only mechanisim whereby evolution occurs?

No, there is genetic drift and gene flow between populations to consider.

Why is the species rather than the individual considered to evolve?

Evolution is a gradual process that occurs through natural selection. Natural mutation results in some offspring.

What is the gradual development of new organisms from preexisting organisms called?

I believe you are referring to evolution, which occurs as a result of natural selection causing species to change into new species over time.

Why does natural selection occurs too be more quickly?

A lot of natural selection occurs very slowly. It took the evolution of the dog from the wolf to take at least 14,000 years. It took singled celled life 3+billion years to evolve into multicellular life.

What is a requirement for evolutionary changes to occur through natural selection?

Evolution occurs through natural selection via survival of the fittest. This means that those organisms that are most well adapted to the environment will survive and pass on their genes.

What term is defined as a natural change that occurs in communities over time?

The natural change occurring in communities or ecosystems over time is referred to as Evolution.