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A bee has concave depressions on the tibia of her hind pair of legs surrounded by hairs. These are called corbiculae or 'pollen baskets'. When pollen gets on to the bee's body she brushes it back using her fore legs into the corbucilae.

You can often see this when a bee is in flight or standing on a flower. Look for a yellow 'lump' on the back legs.

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2009-03-13 11:58:38
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Q: How bee carries pollen?
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What bee structure observes pollen grains?

The bee sees pollen with its eyes. It carries pollen because the pollen stick to the hind legs!

How does a bee help to pollinate flower?

The bee carries pollen from flower to flower thereby transferring the pollen to instigate seed production.

What animals carries pollen to other plants?

A bee would carry pollen from one plant to another

Why is pollination important?

Pollinators help flowers to reproduce by spreading pollen. Ex: a bee flies from a male flower to a female flower. The bee carries pollen from the male to the female, who might not have gotten the pollen needed to fertilize the seeds with out the bee.

What do bees carry their pollens on?

A bee usually carries the pollen on it's legs. Some of the pollen also gets stuck on the body.

Animal that carries pollen from one plant to another?

One prime example would be a bee.

What are the nutritional qualities in bee pollen?

Bee pollen is protein.

Where do bees carry pollen hind legs wings haeds or backs?

A honey bee carries pollen on its hind legs in a 'honey basket' on what would be knees on a human.

What is another word for bee pollen?

Another way of saying bee pollen is bee bread. Bee pollen is full of nutrients and many health food stores carry it in capsule form so it is easy for people to get the benefits of bee pollen.

What is the urdu name of bee pollen?

مکھی جرگ

What is b-pollen?

Bee pollen comes from a bee's body after he has visited many flowers. Health food stores often sell bottled bee pollen as purported remedy for a number of different things. Bee pollen as a treatment has not been backed by science, and really just takes valuable pollen away from the bee.

How does the pollen stick to the bumble bee?

Te bumble bee's fur is a kind of stickiness to make the pollen stick to the bumble bee.

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