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It depends on the clown fish, they're not all made equal. You could also MEASURE IT

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Q: How big are clown fish from their nose to the end of their tail?
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How does a clown fish breathes?

it breathes through its gills

What does a clown have?

A Big RED Nose!

How big was the Fish The Old Man and the Sea?

Eighteen feet from nose to tail (page 122)

What should a clown avoid wearing when he's not on duty?

red nose, make up, big nose, wig, clown suit

How Big was the fish in The Old Man and the Sea?

Eighteen feet from nose to tail (page 122)

How big is the clown fish family?

happy birthday

How do you know if the fish is a male?

you can know by their tail their tail the female's tail is not big and large.The males on the other hand have big luxurious tail.

Where online can you order clown costumes and accessories? is a great place to start. You can find entire clown costumes all in one place! If you're more interested in creating your own clown costume, you'll need a clown wig, a big red clown nose, lots of face paint and a silly clown costume with big shoes!

What is an example sentence that uses the word squeeze?

The clown invited me to give his big red nose a squeeze.

Can you get freshwater fish that look like clown fish?

Unfortunately there isn't any clown fish (Nemo) look alike that exists. The closest you may get with something stripey that is fresh water (but they are black & orange) would be a clown loach, but they need very large tanks (at least a 75 gallon) as they grow pretty big, and they are a more advanced hobbyist fish.

How many jobs require you to roll around on the floor?

One! A clown lol and maybe some others lolz a clown also requires a big red nose and big shoes and a bike horn lolz

How big are a?

They range from 6 - 13 feet long from nose to tail, and 180 - 900 lbs, but average is 7 - 12 feet long from nose to tail and 200 - 660 lb.