How big do giant guinea pigs get?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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it gets about 10- 14 inches and shouldn't weigh more than three pounds

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Giant guinea pigs specially bred for food in Peru ("super pigs") can grow to the size of a large rabbit.

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how long can a genie pig live?

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Q: How big do giant guinea pigs get?
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Whera do giant giant guinea pigs live?

The amazon rain forest

Why do guinea pigs have big ears?

I think not all guinea pig have big ears, guinea pigs do have big ears when they are about a week old and it stays like that when they get older..

Can giant golden quails and guinea pigs live together?


Do guinea pigs get along with girbles?

no, guinea pigs could hurt the gerbils by accident (big size difference!)

What will happend to a guinea pig if it will eat big chunk of celery?

Guinea Pigs can eat celery if it is free of pesticides. My guinea pigs love celery.

How big can a guinea pigs get?

8-10 inches

What age do guinea pigs walk?

guinea pigs are born full functional they are miniature versions of there parents with proportionally big heads

What family is the guinea pig in?

No. Guinea pigs are rodents (rabbits are not) and are actually in the same biological family is capybaras, a giant South American rodent.

Is a guinea pig actually 4 and a half inches?

most guinea pigs are longer than this. My baby guinea pigs get this big when they are only a month or two old

Are capybaras giant guinea pigs?

No, they're close relatives but they're a whole different species.

How big do female guinea pigs get?

Females can get as big as male Guinea pigs which can be up to 2-5 pounds

How big do rabbits And guinea pigs can get?

The size of rabbits and guinea pigs really depends on it's species. There are types of rabbits and guinea pigs that only grow a little, while others grow a lot. The things they eat also effects the size of it. Normal guinea pigs;males can be about 19-25 cm. Females are about 18-23 cm. Rabbits can have a big difference.