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The height of the horse doesn't have much bearing on how big the field should be. What counts is the horses health, activity level, lifestyle and the quality of the field. One acre is the bare minimum for one horse that will be grazing in a field, assuming the field is well maintained, if not you need to increase the size. However if the horse is on a restricted diet and is not able to graze then a 100 feet by 60 feet dry-lot set up can and does work just as well as a large field provided the horse has constant access to clean , fresh hay.

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Q: How big does a horses field need to be if the horse is 16hh?
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When should horses have salt?

if your horse has a salt lick avaliable(in its stable,stall,field,paddock etc) you dont have to feed it them!they will just lick the salt lick when they need it!

When does a horses need a blanket?

Horses do not really need a blanket and it is actually unhealthy for them to wear one as you can read in the related link. The only time a horse really needs a blanket is if you clip them in the winter, robbing him of his protection from the cold. To tell if your horse is cold, touch his ears. If they are cold, he is cold. If not, leave him be without a blanket.

What education do you need to become a horse breeder?

No schooling, but it sure does help to know alot about horses.

What are horse nesecities?

Horses like humans, need constant access to water, as they cannot just get it themselves. They also need a proper diet, considering their size, breed, living conditions and work that is being done. Horses also need a nice cosy shelter, e.g. a stable, and preferably a field for turnout, which also has a shelter in it. Horses need exercise too. This can be done in the form of lunging, riding or being allowed to run free in a school or alike. Also, horses are herd animals, and thus do not like being left alone. It is better to have them at a yard with other people's horses or get them a companion yourself, for instances another pony, or just a pet such as a donkey or mule. Horses need lots of time and hard work too, so do not be a horse owner if you are limited on time. They need to be checked regularly for bumps and bruises, wormed and checked to make sure they are not ill. The owner takes responsibility for lots of the horses things such as feeding, making sure they have water, mucking out, grooming, exercising, turnout, training ( if younger horse ) and other optional things depending on what you use your horse for. Horses are a big responsibility and the time needed to look after them should not be overlooked.

Do horses need mineral blocks?

yes if your horse is lacking minerals. a mineral block will help put minerals into its diet and plus horses like them to lick

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What size horse does a man 5' 11 need?

Go for a tallish one, maybe 16hh.

Is a field a great home for horses?

This is an okay home for horses. The ideal home would be one that also has cover for getting out of the weather. The answer above is mostly correct. Horses do need cover, but the also need a clean field that has no poisonous plants (weeds) or rock, etc. lying around. Horses need room to run, so make sure the field is large enough to fit a horse. Also, make sure the fencing is safe, without wires or spikes that could hurt the animal. Otherwise don't leave the horse out there alone, they need love!

What kind of horses are there on horse isle?

There are many horses on Horse isle you can look up anything you need to know about the horse for the game in the Library.

What skills do you need in order to become a horse trainer?

You need to be able to proficiently work with horses safely/efficiently, and proficiently ride horses. You need time and money management. You need knowledge of training methods, horse psychology, and horse anatomy/health.

A horse lives in a?

A horses best habitat is in a field with lush green grass and a stable at night time some places do not keep stables but just different fields which is also OK. Horses and ponies need a shelter which can be used if a horse goes lame. If you keep them out all the time you will need a starvation paddock. It doesn't sound nice but all it does is stop the horse getting overweight but it still has water and some grass. You need to make sure there is another field in winter just in case the field gets too muddy which can harm the horse.Hope you have fun on your horse

Do you have to have certain bridles for horses?

you dont need to have different bridals for horses, but you need to get different sizes. You also need to get certain bits for different horses. Its all depends on the what the horse is most confortable with, you could ask a horse trainer for help choosing one

Do they sell horses in Singapore?

There is no need for horses in Singapore other than for horse betting, so there should not be a place which horses are sold.

How many litter boxes would a horse need?

horses don't need litterboxes

What vitamin is better for a horse?

Horses on howrse don't need vitamins.

When should horses have salt?

if your horse has a salt lick avaliable(in its stable,stall,field,paddock etc) you dont have to feed it them!they will just lick the salt lick when they need it!

Which horses don't need water or food?

Stuffed animal horses, plastic toy horses, horse statues and stuffed dead horses. All other horses that are alive and breathing definitely need water and food.

How big should a meadow for horses be?

You need to have about an acre per horse. So is you have one horse, one acre. If you have two horses, two acres. Etc. Etc.