How big is an elephant's brain?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nobody can disect elephants, unless you are like a super strong man, so nobody knows how big it really is.


I'm sure you could dissect an elephant. That's why they make heavy trankulizers.

The problem is that it's really wrong, but I'm sure harm has been done to an innocent animal just to find out

or to make money.

Scientists probablydo some kind of test and study that wouldn't harm them.

I don't know any of this for a fact,just figure like with everything else.

-jen ny-=)
Pretty small I guess.

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the size of a walnut

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a peanut

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Q: How big is an elephant's brain?
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How big is a elephants brain?

As big as a humans head.aprox

How big was Giganotosaurus's brain?

it is bigger than a elephants

Why do elephants have large ears?

so they can hear better The elephants ears are equivalent to the radiators in our cars. As the elephant flaps its ears, the blood that is flowing through the vessels in the elephants ears gets cooled. The bigger the ear better the cooling mechanism.

Can elelphants jump?

Big elephants can but little elephants never ever can Big elephants can but little elephants never ever can

Why do elephants have big brains?

Everything is relative. Elephants have big bodies so they need big brains. Also, elephants are known to be intelligent, emotive and complex, so the frontal lobe section of the brain is large compared to other animals that are not so evolved.

How big is an animal's brain?

It depends on the animal, Elephants have small brains compared to their body mass, whereas a dolphin has a rather large one...

What does BECAUSE stand for big elephant...?

Big Elephants Can Always Use Small Elephants

Why Do Elephants heve big ears?

Elephants have big ears to cool them selves down.

Is an elephants brain bigger than a humans?

nope infact research shows that an elephants brain is actually the size of a peanut and our brain is the size of both our fists put together so our brains our actually larger than a giant elephants appearance does not matter when it comes to brain size.:)

Can a humans brain be as good as an elephants?


What is the length of a elephants brain?

54678976 miles

Are elephants able to run?

babies could run but big elephants can't because they are the big.