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You can't.

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Q: How can you tell if a baby turtle is a boy or a girl?
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How do you tell if a baby turtle is a boy or girl?

you can tell by if its belly is round then it is a female. If it is flat then it is a male

How can you tell if your tirtle is a boy or a girl?

how do i tell if my my turtle is a girl or a boy?...

How can you tell is a sea turtle is a boy of girl?

The stomach is in if its a boy and if the tummy is out its a girl

How can you tell by a baby snapping turtle if is it a boy or a girl?

You can tell by the patten on the shell =) so look at there shell answered by tyler giacobbe

How do you tell the difference between a boy baby painted turtle and a girl baby painted turtle?

from their belly markings I think! No, to tell the sex of a painted turtle you need to look at there claw size. longer claws are males and shorter are females

How do you tell your turtle is a boy or girl?

The boy will have a dent in his belly. The girl's belly is flat.

How do you tell a boy painted turtle from a girl?

The trail

How do you tell if what the difference between a girl turtle or a boy turtle pictures?


How do you tell a girl turtle from a boy turtle slider turtle?

A boy turtle will have Tom Nellis' face.<---- Now this answer is not true, as you may have noticed. Here's the real answer: You can tell if you're turtle is a boy or girl by checking the length of it's claws and tail, a boy will have longer claws and tail than the girl. But this is for mainly Sliders.

How do you tell a boy turtle from a girl turtle?

On a painted turtle you look at the design on the bottom of their shells.

How do you tell a baby water turtle girl or boy?

You can tell sexes by claw length.Females tend to have longer nails than males.My turtle is a male and his claws are about 1/3 of a cm if that helps you tell.

How do you tell whether its a girl or boy turtle?

you can tell if a turtle is male or female from the rings around its eyes

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