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You have to train your hanster to get used to you. Hamsters bite your two reasons, firstly because they are scared and secondly because they think that your fingers might be good to eat. First, it is a good idea to hold food in your fingertips, and let the hamster take the fod from your fingers. After a few days of this, you can move onto touching your hamster gently. The hamster still may try to eat your fingers, if so just move away your hand quickly. When your hanster gets more used to you touching it, you can start letting it crawl onto your hand. Place food into the middle of your hand and let the hamster crawl on by itself. If the hamster still tries to eat your hand (quite common) you can place a towel over your hand so if the hamster bites, you will not get hurt. After this, you can start trying to pick up your hamster in your fingers. This will distress the hamster the most so firstly, pick it up for just a little then out down. Gradually extend the holding time and reward the hamster with a treet after each trial. Hamsters require a lot of careful handling and patience. This process takes maybe a month. Good luck.

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Q: How could you feel your hamster without you getting biten?
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