How ddt enter human body?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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it simply happens due to the process named biomagnification

as it enters fishes in lower tropic level then it moves along the food chain but its toxicity increases as it moves above tropic level.

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it can effect miggronisms in your brain cause damage to your heart and is found in cigarretes

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Q: How ddt enter human body?
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How does hydrogen enter the body?

How does hydrogen enter the human body?

How does cocaine enter the body?

Cocaine can enter the human body by the nose or the mouth. You can snort it or sniff it.

How do Barbiturates enter the human body?

Barbiturates enter the body orally. You can swallow, eat, and drink it.

How did DDT enter the food chain?

DDT entered the food chain because it was in the water of the fish that bald eagles ate.

Why water does not enter human body during bathing?

Human skin is not permeable to water hence water can't enter body through skin .

What body tissue is DDT stored in humans?

DDT can be stored in fatty tissues of humans. In women who are pregnant, DDT exposure can occur even in the fetus.

How does an animal living hundreds of kilometers from an area sprayed with DDT might get DDT in its body?

Many animals migrate at specific times of the year. An organism with DDT in its tissues may migrate a distance from the area it was sprayed; it may be consumed by a carnivore that would store a higher concentration of DDT in its body tissue. Migrating birds can carry DDT in their bodies even though they inhabit and can be consumed in an ecosystem that is distant from the one that is sprayed. The peregrine falcon is a species of bird found to have high concentrations of DDT in its body. The habitat of the falcon is quite broad, ranging from the North American boreal forest to areas of the southern United States. Falcon prey on organisms in areas where use of DDT is still prevalent, then migrate to areas where the use of DDT has been banned.

How do minerals enter a human's body?

minerals enter the human body through the blood vessels. The food that we eat enters ouir blood stream ant therefor transport the minerals were they are needed

How can you absorb uranium?

Uranium enter in the human body by ingestion or inhalation.

How does calcium enter the human body?

you need to support your bones and you can get it from milk

How does DDT get from the body of a mother sea lion into the body of her pup after the pup is born?

DDT, which is a toxic pesticide, transfers from a mother sea lion to a pup through nursing. Even if the pup is not directly exposed to the DDT, it can be indirectly exposed through its mother's milk.

How many microorganisms enter your body every day?

there is about 10million micro organism's in our human body