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People use to make hush puppies and their dogs would beg to have some, so they would say hush puppy and give them some.

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Q: How did they come up with the name hush puppies the food?
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Why are they called hush puppies?

Hush puppies are small baked or fried balls of cornmeal; they are popular in the south. The story goes that they were often fed to dogs while hunting to keep them quiet, to 'hush the puppies'. Hush Puppies is also a registered brand name of popular footwear, and I'm going to make a wild guess that they got the name because they are a softer shoe with a soft and quiet sole.

What is the name of the deep fried commeal dumpling?

I think you are referring to hush puppies.

How did hush puppies the food get their name?

Confederate soldiers used their corn biscut rations to feed to their dogs to quiet them in order to avoid detection from Union soldiers, hence the phrase hushing the puppies.

How did ''hush puppies'' get their name?

According to the Betty Crocker cookbook that was used by my 1958 Home Ec. Class Hunters & fishermen while cooking their food over the campfire, (many foods were cooked breaded & fried) would fry up some breading to toss to the dogs to quiet them. Hence the name... Hush Puppies. :)

What is the name of the shoe brand beginning with letter H?

Hush Puppies is a shoe brand. It begins with the letter H.

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Lisabeth Hush's birth name is Barbara Elizabeth Hush.

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Susi Hush's birth name is Susan C Hush.

What does the shoe brand name Hush Puppies actually mean?

I think it means..That they are so comfortable, your dogs are quiet! (dont hurt) XD

What do puppies know when they come home to you?

their name

What would be a good cereal box book report name for the book hush hush?

Hush Cereal

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Sounds like Jesus.

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His name is Drew Doyon.

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How did hush puppies the food get their name?

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