How do CFCs affect animals?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They don't. CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) are non-toxic to humans and animals. They only kill ozone molecules.

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Q: How do CFCs affect animals?
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How do cfcs affect air heath?

By the CFCs being sorced into the air, the sun is Breaking them down into the earth.

What human-made gas can affect the Earth's ozone layer?


How can we affect CFCs?

CFC's are compounds which cause ozone depletion. They decompose ozone.

How has the production of CFCs affect Canadas ozone layer?

CFC's affect ozone where ever they arise. They are environment harming chemical that affect ozone.

How does refrigerent affect the ozone?

Refrigerants contain CFC's. These CFcs are the chemicals that react with ozone and destroy it.

Why we as a planet banned cfcs?

We have to ban CFC's because of their adverse affects. They affect the ozone by depleting them.

How cfcs affect ozone cycle write equations?

CFC's affect the ozone cycle by forming oxides with it. The oxides are the ones which form a chain reaction.

Which pollutants affect the ozone layer?

Chlorine and bromine in the man-made gases like halons and freons (CFCs).

Do fire crackers affect the ozone layer?

No, it is responsible for global warming and air pollution but not for depletion of CholoroFluoroCarbons (CFCs)

Can rain demolish CFCs?

CFCs are neither soluble in water or reactive with it. Rain has no impact on CFCs

Are CFCs highly toxic?

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are non-toxic.

What substitutes for CFCs came into being after scientists discovered that CFCs were harming the atmosphere?

Replacements for CFCs (dependding on use) included:HCFCsNitrogenAirPropane