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Actually if we were to sit on a power line and not touch anything else like the birds do we would not get electrocuted.The current a flow of electrons,flows along a path of least resistance the electrons want to get to where they are going in the easiest possible way.

Electricity flows from one voltage to another value of voltage. For the birds, the power lines have the same voltage -- so the birds are safe. Don't approach power lines, because humans come from the ground, which is a sink for the current.

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1. no lightning

2. wire is covered with a rubberish stuff.

3. neither do you

4. you're welcome.

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Q: How do birds not get electrocuted on power lines?
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Why do birds get electrocuted on power lines?

Usually they don't.

Can birds get electrocuted if they come in contact with two wires?

Yes, a bird can get electrocuted if it comes in contact with two bare power lines. The power lines are spaced apart so only the largest birds (buzzards, eagles, etc.) would be able to touch two at the same time.

Why do birds sitting on a power line not get electrocuted?

Because they are not touching the ground.

How come birds can land on power lines without being electrocuted?

The high voltage is between one wire and the other. From one point on the wire to another point on the same wire, the voltage is quite insignificant. As long as the birds don't touch both wires, nothing much will happen. The wire does not have a difference in voltage from foot to foot. The term "high voltage" refers from wire to ground. Electricity flows down a voltage gradient. There is no gradient of voltage between the feet.

When birds stand on power lines and don't get hurt it's most likely because of?

OtaGamer Says: The reason that birds don't get hurt on power lines is because they put both of their feet on the wire at the exact same time. Therefore, the electricity passes through one leg and up out of the other. If they lifted up one of their legs, they would be electrocuted and die.

Why do big birds get killed by power lines but little birds don't?

The wingspan on a big bird is large enough to touch two wires at once. Any difference in voltage between the wires will cause current to flow through the bird, perhaps killing it. Small birds can only touch one wire at a time.

Why don't squirrels get electrocuted on power lines?

because they have an extremely good sence of balance, its like tightrope walkers.

Can birds touch one another when there on power lines?

The answer is yes they can touch one another when there on power lines

Why does some power lines have red plastic balls attached to them?

That is to warn birds so that large flock of birds do not fly into the power lines. Also helicopters.

How birds sitting on the wire?

you have to be incontact with the ground to get electrocuted!

What has the author Charles A Goulty written?

Charles A. Goulty has written: 'Birds and power lines' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Birds, Conservation, Electric lines, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Electric lines, Flight

What about using mobile phones while thundering and rain?

It shouldn't be a problem because there are no wires so if your power lines get electrocuted it wont blow up with the rest of your stuff in your house.