How do dogs keep you company?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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They play with u and when ure sad they can kinda sense it..

They nudge u to play with them and they want u to love them as much as they love u

Its no wonder they are the mans best friend.

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Buying some cheap toys is a good way, tennis balls or pull ropes. My dogs like to chew on cardboard toilet rolls, which is a nice cheap way of entertaining her...

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Q: How do dogs keep you company?
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What are dogs for?

Dogs are very important.They help blind people go around and they keep company

Why do elders keep dogs?

in terms of older people, dogs can keep them company and fill up their free time. i know that because my grandfather is nearly 70 and he just got 2 puppies from his neighbor.

Are dogs good to your life?

Dog's are a man's best friends, of course they are, they are there to keep you company, so you never feel alone.

When was Keep the Dogs Away created?

Keep the Dogs Away was created in 1977.

Who do dogs help?

Dogs help a variety of people. They are still used to help herd sheep. They keep lonely people company. They are often used to guide the blind. They are used as guard dogs, to keep out thieves, and they are used by police to help track down criminals or missing persons. Some dogs are trained to find illegal drugs, by scent. So dogs have many uses for many people.

Is it a sin to buy and sell dogs?

No, it isn't a sin. At least, I don't think it is. Dogs are companions for humans. They actually can increase your life span by 5-10 years because they are always there to keep you company.

Why do people use dogs?

to keep them company, or when someone is blind the dogs guide them

Why do dogs live on farms what are they used for on the farms?

Most dogs that live on a farm are either any type of Collie or an Austrailian Shepard. They use the dogs for herding sheep/cattle. I live on a farm and we always use our dogs for herding sheep and cattle. Plus they just keep you company :D

Who enjoys the company of people?

dogs love the company of people

What is the maximum of dogs you can start with?

You shouldn't get more than two dogs. If there are more than two dogs living on a property the dogs will try to create a 'pack structure' within the group, and this is where aggression and dominance start, which will most likely lead to dog fights. Two dogs is a good number, so they can keep each other company when their owners are away.

Would it be cruel to keep a few foster/rescue dogs in an enclosed barn at night, and then let them free range on a fenced in farm during the day Especially if I have two dogs already that stay inside my house at night?

I think so. Dogs like to be with humans and have human company and especially if you already have dogs in the house. You should treat the foster dogs the same.

Why do dogs sweat?

Why do we sweat??? Same reasons as dogs to keep cool.