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First the female starts to drip a specail kind of liquid from her vagina. Then a male will smell the liquid and goes to the female and sniffs her butt. Next,he goes directly behind the female, extends his penis to full length and put his front paws on her back and puts his penis in her vagina they stay in that position for a few minutes

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Q: How do goats mate?
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Are all goats gay?

No, goats are not gay, males will only mate with females.

Can humans mate with goats?

No, not legally, and no offspring can be created.

Do deer like Japanese roses?

deer are like goats mate they browse anything

How do goats find food?

Bit Simple Mate. They Eat Grass. Yes Grass.

Will a horse colt foal still try to mate with his mother when she is pregnant?

My colts will try to mate with the fence, goats, even me. It is what they do. Gelding time is here!

Can you keep a ram with your nanny goats or will he try to mate with them?

he will try to mate or breed them so unless you want a sheepgoat thing that's probably not a good idea

When are male goats at breeding age?

Bucks are mature and ready to mate at 2 years old and over.

What do you get when you cross a cow and a goat?

You would think it would be a coat. It is not possible for cows and goats to mate. The egg will not fertilize.

Can a mini stud horse mate with a female goat?

No. Sheep and goats are close enough species-wise and if you cross them you get what is called a shoat. But horses and goats are too far apart genetically for a successful cross.

What is a billy goats mate and kids called?

A female goat is called a doe. An entire male goat is called a buck. A castrated male goat is called a wether. And the young of goats are called kids.

What are some types of goats?

billy goats, mountain goats, daily goats, miniature goats

Can a sheep and human reproduce and the offspring live?

No, humans and goats are not genetically compatible. If a human tries to "mate" with animals it is considered a form of Animal abuse.

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