How do people befriend wild animals?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The relationship between humans and animals is a result of the Magna Carta. After this historic event birds and humans saw each other on a regular basis ie: twice a week. This made the other animals more comfortable with going for pints with humans. Sometimes they would even go bungee jumping in Afghanistan, only once every three weeks and mostly on Sundays. sometimes staurdays and Tuesday evenings. After the bungee jumping came the hardcore anal destruction of the humming birds.

This nearly resulted in the extinction of the wild giraffe who got so intensely scared of getting anally destroyed they all attempted to commit suicide by swallowing cyanide and cornflakes. Just in time, one giraffe (George the treasurer of the Giraffe Anti-suicide Society) decided that the giraffes had had enough of the fear of getting completely raped and told the other giraffes that they were actually too tall to get raped by humans, without a large step ladder. This led to the revolution of the rhinos who also decided they were sick and blooming tired of all the continuous rape going on the the jungle brothels. After this everyone lived happily ever after.

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Q: How do people befriend wild animals?
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Wild animals helpful in people?

no, because wild animals are wild for ever and will not be nice with people

Can people befriend tigers?

People cannot befriend tigers because they are wild animals and they will attack you. They are not domestic and they are not friendly. Unless you train them to be friendly and maybe you can befriend them at that point. Baby tigers can be befriended because they are babies and they don't know what they are doing.

Do wild animals save people?

no because they are (WILD)

What is the word for animals that live near people?

Wild animals.

Why do mushers need to like animals?

So they can befriend the dogs.

Can you get the wild animals to be your pet in harvest moon animal parade?

of course! there are many animals to befriend. 6 harts and hes yers....and you have to upgrade your house to have more animals....and at leased a lv 4 house to adopt a bear ANOTHER QUESTION: can you have a bear with other animals at the same time

Is it possible to befriend wild wolves?

To an extent. I would not recommend you go out and try it.

Do people send animals to wild?

Yes because the animals are poor.

What wild animals were there in ancient Greece?


Is it illegal to befriend wolves?

it depends on your definition of "befriend" wolves are wild animals and they are social, making them inherently dangerous. while they are good animals, they are wild and i would not take the chance of befriending one if i were you. you might try going to the animal shelter and adopting a wolflike dog who would be happy to have a good home to go to. he would be a good safe companion for you. if you are intersted in wolves there are excellent books and movies about them. i realize that you may or may not take my advice, but i think you should consider it before taking a chance with a wild animal.

How are domesticated animal different from wild animals?

domesticated animals are bred specially for human use and are comfortable with people. Wild animals have never experienced human contact and fear people.

Where can wild animals be found?

Wild (untamed or domesticated) animals can be found everywhere. Though most people think of wild animals being akin to lions and tigers, even the house mouse is a wild animal.