How do you dry a guinea pig?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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You should just rub it gently with a towel and put it in a cardboard box with timothy hay in it to dry. I know that timothy hay would make it more dirty, but it actually helps dry the guinea pig. I know, I have one.

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well you need to get him/her out of the water and in to the towel promptly DO NOT BLOW DRY it will dry his skin and that's not good...but it takes a while in your arms but don't put him in his/her cage wet!!

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Wat i do i i just take a towel and try them off so there just damp then i comb oit there hair then i wrap in a dry towell and put them on a carpeted floor with a carrot and toys to keep them active

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Q: How do you dry a guinea pig?
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Do you have to dry a guinea pig?


Do you have to dry a new born guinea pig?

no the mom guinea pig will lick and eat the outside of the newborn guinea pig and you will not half to dry it or anything, if you watch a hamster or guinea pig giving birth on youtube or something or any animal you will not half to dry it the mom does all the work. trust me.

What do you do if your guinea pig is socked?

if your guinea pig is socked help it dry with a towle and take it inside if it is outside.

Why won't my guinea pig eat her dry food?

she is probaly sick or is not hungry

How do you pronounce guinea pig?

It is spelled "guinea pig". You got it right! :)

How do you brush a guinea pig?

What i do to bathe my guinea pig is to get a large bowl, a sink, or the bathtub and put about 5 or 6 inches of water in (maybe even less then that) Then put in one tiny squeeze of guinea pig shampoo just so there is tiny bubbles around the side of the tub you are using.Use a soft cloth or your hands to bathe your guinea pig. Hold your guinea pig to make it feel secure,it won't drown, and it won't run away. Then gently and thoroughly dry off your guinea pig when finished.

What is the phenotype of a black guinea pig and a white guinea pig?

The phenotype of the black guinea pig is black, and the pheno type of the white guinea pig is white.

How do you get your guinea pig in a guinea pig show?

go into 4h and they do guinea pig showing for all ages

What type of guinea pig do you have?

I don't have a guinea pig.

Which is better a guinea pig or parrot?

guinea pig

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