How do you euthanize pet cat?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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DO NOT do this yourself. If you want your beloved pet humanely euthanized, please have a Veterinarian do this. You can make an appointment with your Vet to come to your house to humanely euthanize your pet. Just don't try to do this yourself as you could end up causing much suffering for you pet which I am sure you do not wish to do.

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Absolutely not. Any way of euthanizing your cat at home will not be humane and will cause more harm to your cat. Check out a humane society or shelter, as many times they offer euthanasia and cremation or burial, often cheaper than a vet's clinic ($40 for cats and dogs under 50 lbs., and $50 for dogs over 50 lbs. for euthanasia at The Animal Humane Society in Minnesota). They also offer pet loss support groups to help cope with the loss of a family pet.

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If your cat is sick then you must take it to a vet , if your pet is beyond help the vet will euthanize your cat, never attempt to do this yourself, if you do you will have to live with the consequences.

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Q: How do you euthanize pet cat?
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Where can you put your cat up for adoption where they don't euthanize?

When looking for a shelter for a pet that you can no longer care for - it is best to specifically look for "No Kill Shelters." These shelters specialize in taking in pets and do not euthanize the animals if an immediate adoption is not possible.

Can insulin euthanize a cat?

To euthanize a cat, the humane thing to do is take the cat to a vet. The veterinarian uses sodium pentanol and a barbiturate so the cat passes painlessly. Insulin will kill a cat, but the cat will needlessly suffer.

Can you euthanize a cat in your own home?

No, you cannot. However, if your cat is far too sick or cannot move, you can ask for a vet to visit the house and administer the injection there. Never attempt to euthanize the cat yourself, as you can easily cause much pain and suffering to the animal.

Where can you get your cat euthanized?

If the cat is very old or has an incurable disease and has to be euthanized then your vet or ASPCA or Animal Shelter will do this for you. If the cat has a health disorder that you just can't afford then discuss this with your vet first and perhaps work something out as most vets don't like to euthanize a pet unless they are extremely old or suffering.

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