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Why would you want to get rid of bees in your yard ? I ask this because bees are a beneficial partner in the whole gardening process. They are pollinators, and without their assistance many plants can't set seed. We have had a bumblebee nest in the wall of our garage for 8 years, and we enjoy their presence in the yard. We have never been stung, because bees in general will not sting you unless they are being threatened.

If you have wasps or hornets in your yard, consider carefully your options. Unless you are allergic to wasp venom, consider leaving them alone. They are also very good pollinators, and have their place in the scheme of things.

I had a similar problem only with Hornets (some call them Yellow Jackets). They built a nest between the siding and insulation on the garage. Since I am not the adventurous type, I called a local pest control company. Their solution was to power spray the entire house and then remove the nesr and seal up all openings they could find. They told me that late evening was the quietest time and the least likelest for them to "attack". They also mentioned, that you should never, ever close up the entrance when there were live insects inside.

Its called "jugging the bees". Take a glass gallon jug and fill it about 3-4 inches full of warm to hot water. To this add a cup of sugar or some maple syrup . Shake around until the sugar dissolves somewhat and place the jug 4-5 feet from the bees hole in the ground. They will find it rather quickly and will drown in the solution. When all the worker bees are dead, the nest wont survive. If its a large nest, you may have to repeat the process. This is how people in the late 1800's and early 1900's handled bee problems.

The early am is the best time to take care of this. The stingers are still ahlf asleep, and the cool am temps make it easier to treat the nest. From the way you are describing their activity, you probably have yellow jackets. They are notorious for building their nests made out of "paper" in the ground. I would put a bee suit on before any disturbance is made to their nest. You have to get to the source and then eliminate it. I doubt if it is honeybees, but if it is honeybees, call the local extension service where you reside and get the # of a bee keeer. They dont charge to remove a honeybee hive, and why would you want to kill a honeybee hive with that colony colapse disorder going on. If it is yellow jackets, I would use a pyrethrin dust, and have a few cans of wasp spray available, as that stuff is used only to allow you to get close enough to the nest and then use the pyrethrin dust to kick the snot outta them. .

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Q: How do you find the hive of bees that fly in and out of an opening in the floor of a shed and when is the best time of day to remove the hive and control the bees?
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