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It can be a long process and you need patience and understanding. The hamster is biting most likely because it is afraid and feels threatened. First of all, talk to him through the bars, let him get used to the sound of your voice without fear that he is going to be grabbed. You may notice him come closer to you to listen.

After a few days, try feeding him treats through the bars, always talking to him. hopefully you will notice him become more relaxed.

The next step is to place your hand in the cage. Don't try to touch him or pick him up just yet. he has to learn to trust you, placing treats in your hand can help. Let him sniff and climb on you. You can then try to handle him.

Remember that any sudden movements can startle him into nipping you. Let him know you are there by talking to him, and letting him smell your hand before you try to pick him up. Move slowly and try not to grasp him from above. To him, your hand will look like a bird sweeping down on him, and he will instinctively be afraid. Try gently scooping up.

As said, the secret is gentleness, patience and understanding. Good luck! x

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Q: How do you get a Hamster that has bitten into a sweet loving hamster?
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What is a good word to describe hamsters?

Muridae is the family that the hamster is in.

My hamster didnt use to bite when we got him a few days ago why has he started?

Our hamster has started biting also after almost 2 weeks of perfect behavior. My 6 year old is in tears. But I think it may be hormonal. She (the hamster) is probably going through puberty and from what I have read they can have false pregnancies that last for 10 -15 days. What I am wondering is since they are fertile every 10 days and can have false pregnancies that last about that long also, when will she ever be sweet again? Can somebody shed some light on this problem?

Your 5 year old brother wants a pet hamster is that a good pet for him?

A hamster would make a great pet. There needs to be parental supervision. He will learn a lot. hamster's are great!!! i had one myself!!!! but if He wants one that he can handle more, you probably want a pet rat (female), they are VERY sweet, and they will sit on your shoulder all day!! :) sorry, but i say no!!!!!!! if they escape and get lost od die, which happenes easy, he would be sooooo sad!! i have 6 year old twin brothers, and if a fish dies, they cry for a long time!!!!! plus, its hard to hold, who knows what their temper will be, and if the bedding is in the cage to long, it smells!! i have a hampster!! good luck!! - jona i disagree with jona, i had a hamster myself that escaped quite often no matter how hard i tried to keep it contained and it still survived. it finally passed from old age. just make sure that he can be good with handling it and a lot of hamsters when are handled first may try to and likely succed at biting you. just give the hamster a few days to get used to him and all should go well. supervise that he feeds and handles correctly with the hamster. you might want to get the hamster a wheel as well for it to exercise and something to knaw its teeth on because (i know this sounds gross but its true!) their teeth will grow up into its brain and kill it. that's what the pet shop owner told me. hope this helps and good luck! -sj i also dissagree with jona ive got two hamsters and there really cute but don't get dwarf hamsters ya sure they don't get wettail but they are really mean!-Jim

How do you look after a hamster?

Basics for looking after a hamster.First you must buy a suitable cage and toys for your chosen hamster. These will include: a water bottle, a food bowl and food, mineral stone or a toy to chew on, tube (toilet roll will do) and if possible a wheel. You must give fresh water and food at least every other day to your hamster and you must clean your hamster out every single week. Try to set a day and a time of day, e.g. Lunchtime on a Saturday. Don't give your hamster too many treats and try to change your hamster's toys at least every month. Make sure you give your hamster a private place to sleep and warm bedding, especially for the winter. First days.For the first few days of looking after your new pet, you should give it some time to get used to their new surroundings and do not attempt to handle them straight away. Also, talk to your hamster lots and let it sniff your hand to get used to your scent.Tips and safety notes.Remember:Hold your hamster gently and close to the groundAlways wash your hands before and after handling or touching your petHamsters usually sleep in the day so don't disturb it unless it is already awake.Always be gentle and patient with your hamsterAlways remember to clean/change food and water, after all, he's your pet.Give your pet lots of exercise and cuddles, he will love it!Keep hamsters seperate. Males and females will of course breed, but hamsters are generally solitary and even females will fight to the death.The right hamsters for the right people:Syrian - ChildrenRoborovski - AdultsChinese/Dwarf - AdultSyrian hamsters are brilliant for children as when they are fully trained, they are extremely tame!Keep all of these things in mind and good luck & have fun with your new pet!

Is there such thing as a mini goldendoodle?

Yes they are and they are a very sweet and loving breed of dog.

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You want a love able tamed and sweet hamster?

Anybody will love a hamster they are cute and they dont bite.

Would Leah or sassy be a better name for a hamster?

They both sound good, but consider the hamster's personality. LEAH would suit a hamster who is more sweet and docile. Who is more graceful and kind toward humans. Also, who likes human interation and doesn't bite. SASSY would be a hamster name for a hamster who nips, is a free spirit, and who does what she wants. She'd also be more the type to run away and cause some ruckus.

How come the hamster fur can change from white to brown?

You probably have a winter white dwarf hamster. In the winter, their fur is white. In the warmer seasons, it is brown or gray. Lucky you -- winter whites are adorable and sweet!

What tastes bad to dwarf hamsters?

what is bad for dwarf hamsters: sweets and sugary things and sours and sweet things i dont know what tastes bad to them because im not a hamster each hamster has different likes and dislikes

How are hamsters sweet and friendly creatures?

It depends on the hamster, some are nice and cute, while others can be mean and bite.

What is a good word to describe hamsters?

Muridae is the family that the hamster is in.

Is your hamster eating to much?

my hamster eats a lot! but it also runs a lot so it is okay. Hamsters are rather round little hamsters but it doesn't mean it is fat.if you think your hamster is eating to much,then you could slowly give it less but do not give it too little,hamsters also store their food in there cheeks or bring their food to a place and eat it there.It should not matter if your hamster is a little bit fat it still is sweet.

Should you get a hamster?

It all depends on what you want it for a hamster is just for looks basicllay but if you are looking for a pet or something to hold a guinea pig is the answer they are very lovable animals or maybe a rat. no. ur wrong. hamsters are very sweet and love to be held. guinea pigs dont rly like to b held. they are very skittish. i would get a hamster?

Is it OK a for hamster to have sugary candy?

Actully i was online and i heared you can give them this speacial chocolate.....I also heard someone gave their hamster chocolate chips and the hamster lived for years.... So I guess you can O.o? ~Zelda

How do you take care of a winter white hamster?

i had a winter white and she was very sweet she occasionally bit.but all i did was i bought a normal size cage gave her some treats hamster food stuff to bite on and i played with her at least once a day

Is Willow A Good Name For your Hampster?

i think it is because willow means very sweet and faithful if it is a pet hamster then it is best

Is a golden hamster better then a dwarf hamster?

yeah!! A Syrian hamster? I don't think so. They are fatter, bigger, and meaner, in my opinion. I like dwarf hamsters because they are small and cute, and fast, and they have a little stripe down their back. They are also very tame and sweet, most of the time. Sometimes they can be snippy, but not all of the time.