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You have to train it to like a real dog. And there are also instruction manuals somewhere on the game that help you take care of your dog and learn how to train it.

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Q: How do you get a dog to beg on nintindogs?
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How do you train your dog on Nintendogs?

To train your dog on NintinDogs, you simply get them to do the required trick, and if it can be used as a trick, a little sign will appear on the top right - hand corner. Click on it, and then state your command's name. A few tricks that I know you can train your dog on NintinDogs are: sit, lie down, roll over, play dead, beg, jump, sniff, circle, and paw.

How do you make your dad get you a dog?

Get a stuffed animal and pretend its a dog and show him that you are responsible enough! Or beg beg beg and beg

What are three sentences for the word beg?

The dog began to beg for some scraps.He hated having to beg on the streets.I beg you to forgive me.

Your nintindogs game wont let you breed?

Nintindogs is a child's game and it would be considered inapropriate in many adults eyes

Can you buy houses with the trainer points on the game nintindogs?


How to teach your dog not to beg?

Four ways to teach your dog not to beg are to feed the dog at dinner time, to distract the dog with another activity while eating, walk the dog before dinner time and to keep the dog in a separate room while eating.

How do you make your dog boogie on Nintendogs?

your dog has to know beg, make your dog beg and gentley lift it up hold the paw for 2 seconds and click the icon and say boogie . LOL its funny!

Why dogs beg?

the reason that dogs beg is because they want some thing or they are hungry they don't beg for attention but some times dogs wants you to play with them so the dog will come to you and start whining that's when they want attention it is okay to give your dog attention and to give the dog a walk.

How do you train a dog to beg?

training dogs to beg is never a good thing and its really easy just feed it food a lot at the table or give in, that teaches the dog that it can get whatever it wants.

Can you breed nintindogs?

I don't think you can because I've tried numerous times and have not.

How do you teach your nintendog to Hop?

get your dog to sit, beg, and jump. then do those commands in order and your dog will hop! hope this helped. :)

What does stealing and begging is no better than a dog mean?

It means that if you steal and beg than you are no better behaved than a dog.