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you have sex :)

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Q: How do you get a spined spotanus in fish tycoon?
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What is the commonnest fish in fish tycoon?

I believe the Most Coomon Fish in the Game "Fish Tycoon" are the ones found in "Common Eggs." These Fish are "Beta," "Sharks," "Fruitfish," "Spotanus," "Fatfish," and "Stickfish." The Most common Sub-Species are - Greenfin, Orange, Pink, Spined, Silky, and Twin-Fin.

How do you get a spined fruitfish in Fish Tycoon?

A pink fruit fish and a twin fin fruit fish will get you the spined fruit fish

How do you make the special fish in fish tycoon?

there are more than one way to make all the 'special fish'Here are my ways:1. spined spotanus + twin fin spotanus = greenfin spotanus (easiest way) (just keep buying pink eggs until you get these fish)2. greenfin beta + spined stick fish = speckled leafishNEED RESEARCH ENVIROMENT LEVEL 3 TO SURVIVE:3. orange fatfish + speckled bananafish = crimson comet4. orange stick fish+ golden beta = oriental goldbulb5.6.7.sorry i don't know the rest and don't want to ruin it for my self,but if you'd like to find out #'s 5,6,7 (or other possibilities of making #'s 1,2,3,4)just type in 'fish tycoon breeding chart' on Google and it's either the first or second website. ( the one that has these words under it "Fish Tycoon Breeding Guide & Chart. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ... ") This will help A LOT, but if you don't want to spoil your game don't use the web site.If you have any questions on this, anything about fish tycoon, or any topiccontact me, Bbob2 (Lilyanna)

What two fish breed make the 2nd magic fish in fish tycoon?

Fish #2: Speckled Leaffish - Magical Fish of SustenanceOrange Stickfish & Twin-Fin BetaOrange Spotanus & Twin-Fin Fruitfish

How do you make the 7 magic fish in fish tycoon?

I think the 2nd magical fish on fish tycoon is a Speckled Leaffish anyway here are some combinations on how to get one: Stubby Pigmy + Greenfin Comet Orange Stickfish + Twin-Fin Beta Orange Spotanus + Twin-Fin Fruitfish Crimson Comet + Flagged Bananafish Oriental Goldbulb + Finless Quicksilver Spined Fruitfish + Greenfin Spotanus Orange Grouper + Twin-Fin Beta And of course a Speckled Leaffish and a Speckled Leaffish! Enjoy!!

How do you get the 7 magical fish in fish tycoon?

The 7 Magical fish are the Greenfin Spotanus, Crimson Comet, Wasp Grouper, Speckled Leaffish, Canary Fire-Arrow, Orange Snooper and the Oriental Goldbulb.Greenfin Spotanus (Magical Fish of Fertility):Twin-Fin Spotanus + Spined SpotanusSpeckled Leaffish (Magical Fish of Sustenance):Stubby Pigmy + Greenfin CometOrange Stickfish + Twin-Fin BetaOrange Spotanus + Twin-Fin FruitfishCrimson Comet + Flagged BananafishOriental Goldbulb + Finless QuicksilverSpined Fruitfish + greenfin SpotanusOrange Grouper + Twin-Fin BetaCrimson Comet (Magical Fish of Curing):Speckled Stickfish + Orange GoldbulbOriental Fruitfish + Speckled CarpSpeckled Stickfish + Oriental GoldbulbOrange Fatfish + Speckled LeaffishCrimson Leaffish + Crimson FruitfishPink Beta + Flagged Gold SharkGreenfin Leaffish + Hornet FlashfishTwin-Fin Beta + Wasp GoldsharkTwin-Fin Pigmy + Wasp GoldsharkOriental Goldbulb + Speckled GrouperOriental Goldbulb (Magical Fish of Growth):Crimson Comet + Orange GoldbulbSpined Leaffish + Wasp Gold SharkSpeckled Leaffish + Snubbed Fire-ArrowGolden Goldbulb + Orange GoldbulbSpeckled Leaffish + Pink GoldsharkGreenfin Leaffish + Fanned Fire-ArrowFlagged Leaffish + Tiger GoldsharkCrimson Grouper + Canary Fire-ArrowSpined Grouper + Canary Fire-ArrowCanary Goldshark + Spined CarpOrange Snooper (Magical Fish of Health):Fanned Stickfish + Stubby FruitfishGolden Arrowfish + Canary FruitfishOrange Fruitfish + Orange SnoutWasp Grouper (Magical Fish of Mutation)Oriental Goldbulb + Pink PigmyOrange Beta + Pink CometOriental Goldbulb + Pink BetaCanary Fire-Arrow (Golden Guppy of Isola):Crimson Comet + Fanned FatfishGolden snooper + Canary FatfishOrange Snooper + Hornet FlashfishTiger Stickfish + Speckled ArrowfishOrange Fruitfish + Canary Fire-ArrowHere is how to get the 7 magical fish on Fish Tycoon. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What fish do you breed to get the seven magic fish in fish tycoon?

there are different mixes to make them I happen to know a few so here they are Green-fin spotanus = you get this when you hatch the eggs at the begaining speckaled leaffish = Twin-Fin beta and orange stickfish crimson comet = Twin-Fin beta and hornet goldshark (There is more mixes to get these fish)

When did Fish Tycoon happen?

Fish Tycoon happened in 2004.

Code registration fish tycoon?

what is the registration code for fish tycoon

When was Fish Tycoon created?

Fish Tycoon was created on 2004-05-03.

Hp game fish tycoon unlock code?

code fish tycoon

What are some fun tycoon games?

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