How do you make model of a vacuole?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An empty 3-D circle. =] you do not make them, they occur naturally in the body - it is a membrane organelle which is present in plants and fungal cells, animal and bacterial cells.. The functions are, isolating material that might be harmfull to the cell, containing waste products, maintaining hydrolastic pressure within the cell and exporting unwanted substances from within the cell. They aid in the destruction of invading bacteria and assist in the digestive and waste management of the cell

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Q: How do you make model of a vacuole?
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How do you make a 3D model of a Vacuole?

you take a baggie and fill it with vasseline

What can you use for vacuole?

use a balloon... trust mee; D i had to make a model of a plant cell ; D i got a "A+" u welcomee ; D

How do you make an edible vacuole?

How could i make this protable

What process does a paramecium use to make a food vacuole?

They use their food vacuole to produce their food.

What candy do you use to make a vacuole?


What is the job in the cell vacuole?

the job is to make food

What cell part makes up the greatest part of your model?

In a plant cell it would be the vacuole.

What structure in a plant cell allows the plant cell to make food?

What most of the plant cell is composed of by volume; a large central vacuole.

What is a vacuole's job in a plant cell?

the job is to make food

What materials can you use to make a vacuole in an animal cell cake?


What item could you use to make a vacuole?

plastic toy container

Where does a plant make its food?

the leaves make the plant's foodA plant makes it food in its vacuole