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Dinosaur cat dinosaur dinosaur dinosaur mat.

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Q: How do you say the cat sat on the mat in Everything but nouns replaced with dinosaur?
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How do you say the cat sat on the mat in Nouns replaced with Eileen?

The Eileen sat on the Eileen.

What are the nouns in the sentence the cat ate the mouse?

The nouns are cat & mouse.

What is an antonym for dinosaur?

anything but a dinosaur like cat or dog

What is the noun in this sentence The cat went up the tree?

Therer are two nouns. Both cat and tree are nouns.

What are nouns to descibe a cat?

Some nouns about cats are:pawswhiskerstailclawsGarfieldSiamesegingertabbyPuss in Bootskittenfelinepet

What are the dinosaurs Ceolophysis?

dinosaur, ceolophysis was an individual dinosaur about the size of a cat. ceolophysis is a small therapod dinosaur.

What is the gender nouns of cat?


What was the smarter dinosaur?

Troodon was likely the smartest dinosaur. But it was just as smart as a house cat!

Is it possible that the house cat could have evolved from a fish as it is said a bird has evolved from a dinosaur?

yes. everything evolved from bactiria, then making different speiceis and so on.

Is a jaguar a dinosaur?

no, it is a cat, or a name for a car

What creature was never eaten by a dinosaur?


What are the nouns in the sentence Sarah's cat is yellow and has big claws?

There are two nouns. The nouns are cat and claws. Sarah's is a proper noun in the possessive case, which acts as an adjective.