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The best advice of all is to get her to a vet or to an animal shelter, if this is something you cannot or will not do the following is acceptable. It depends on the injury. If its obviously minor you would care for it as you would if the injury was on a little child. Splinting if needed with cardboard or hard paper for sprains. If its an open wound you would shave the fur, clean well and use an antibiotic ointment, bandage and splint if needed. While kitty is ill, use some pediatric multivitamins in her bottle to help her immune system. Your little kitten needs to see a vet. Pets look to their owners for love and care and we need to provide that for them. A vet that can't make a deal with someone who can't afford to pay right away isn't much of a vet in my eyes. My vet is a woman and wonderful. Of course she works hard and wants to make money like anyone else, but she does many things for free if she feels the person is sincere. Go into a vet and explain the circumstances (try several vets if you have too) and you can offer to sweep the back rooms, clean cages and take the dogs there out in back for a bit of fresh air. You can pay the debt off this way. GET YOUR KITTEN TO THE VETS!

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Q: How do you take care of an injured kitten if you can't take it to get the vet and you're feeding it with a faux cat nursing bottle with artificial nursing milk?
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