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just sew it

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Q: How do you treat an open wound on a chicken?
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How do you treat an open wound on a chicken that has its intestine coming out?

We have found if you use vaseline and push them back in, the chicken should survive.

How do you bandage an open chest wound?

If you are not sure if a chest wound has penetrated the chest wall completely, treat the wound as though it were an open chest wound.

What should you do if you have an open infected wound?

eat chicken

How do you treat an open wound on a toad?

bring it to the vet

How do you treat open wound on newborn puppy?

first wrap it up in a towel then take it to the vet bye bye.

What is the fracture with an open wound?

What's a fracture with an open wound

What to put on an open sore on a chicken's beak?

Do not put anything on your chicken's beak! Ask a vet to examine it and then they'll give you a perscription to heal the wound. Your Welcome :)

When was Chicken Treat created?

Chicken Treat was created in 1974.

Can you feed chicken to a ferret as a treat?

If your ferret will eat chicken, as a treat it is acceptableAs a treat, ferrets can have small amounts of chicken

How do you treat a flesh wound on a baby rabbit?

Bring it to a vet. Why would you treat a bunny rabbit's flesh wound yourself?

How to treat an open wound at home that needs stitches?

You need to seek help from a doctor, otherwise you may suffer very nasty infections or diseases from your open wound. You can wrap a bandage tightly around your arm and hope it closes on its own.

How to treat a shrapnel wound?

get the shrapnel out- then cure like an ordinary gunshot wound

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