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Q: How does the amount of nutrients in the water decreases as the distance from the continental shelf increases effect the open ocean food chains?
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Force of attraction that decreases as distance increases?

The force of attraction that decreases as distance increases will change inversely to the square of the distance. This is true for any two objects.

What is the relationship between magnetic attractive force and distance?

they are inversely related. as the distance increases the magnetic attraction decreases and when the distance decreases the magnetic attraction increases.

When you see distant object your focal distance increases or decreases?


Gravitational Force Decreases as distance Increases?

Yes, gravitational force decreases as distance increases. Actually it decreases much faster than that! You need to look up the formula.

Magnetic force decreases as distance from the magnet increases?

Yes, as the distance of the magnet increase its magnetic force decreases

What happens to the gravitational force if distance increases?

It decreases[:

How does the force of graviti change with mass and distance?

as distance increases gravity's force decreases as mass increases gravity's force increases

What happened to the value of gravity when the value of distance increases?

it decreases

Does reducing speed increases a drivers stopping distance?

No it decreases it.

What happens to the distance if a machine increases the size of the force?

it decreases

What is the force of gravity between two objects if the distance decreases?

It increases with distance^2

What happens to the gravitational pull of the sun on the planet as the distance from the sun increases?

It decreases as the square of the distance.