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All the way up the river

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Q: How far up the Delaware river can bull sharks go?
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Are there Bull Sharks in the Yellowstone River?

No. Although Bull Sharks can survive in fresh water, the Yellowstone River is too far away from salt water for the Bull Shark to get to the Yellowstone River.

How far up the mississippi river have bull sharks been found?

Lake Pepin (a widening of the Mississippi River) in southern Minnesota.

Are there bull sharks in the upper Mississippi river?

Yes. Because of the bull shark's ability to live in a freshwater ecosystem, they can travel upstream to the Mississippi River. "Zambezi" sharks have been sighted as far up as Alton, Illinois, and fishers claim they have had bait stolen from the lines from these sharks.

Can a shark live at the end of the Mississippi river?

There are articles documenting bull sharks as far north as Minnesota (2006).

How far up the ct river have bull sharks been found?

well before a dam was built im 1930 they were found im south illinois river

Are bull sharks in Canada?

Yes, the Atlantic coast of Canada contains upwards of 100 million sharks.

What is found far inland?

Bull sharks have been found far inland. They have been found hundreds of miles up the Amazon River. However, they have not been found very far inland in the US.

How far up river has a bull shark been reported?

The answer to how far has a bull shark been up river is 2000 miles. Most rivers you go in you may think are safe but many are not, Bull Sharks are fresh water animals you never know, canals and anything you may think of, their traveling closer and closer up shores!

What oceanic zone do Bull sharks live in?

Bull sharks are common in warm, shallow waters along coasts throughout the world. They are, due to their habits, probably responsible for the majority of attacks on humans that take place near shore, including many attacks attributed to other species. Bull sharks can travel inland by swimming up rivers, and have a unique tolerance for fresh water. Those found far from the ocean are the same species as the seaborne Bull shark, and are not true freshwater sharks (unlike the Bull sharks in Lake Nicaragua and the river sharks of the genus Glyphis).

Could there be sharks in the Vertigris River?

There are requiem sharks that inhabit brackish and freshwater rivers. These sharks have, thus far, only been found in rivers in South and Southeast Asia and Australia. The only other shark known to be found in rivers is the Bull Shark which has the ability to inhabit both saltwater and freshwater.

What are a bull shark adaptations?

Bull Sharks; tolerate fresh water, and also travel far up rivers.

Is it possible for bull sharks to be in Jordan lake?

Typically, bull sharks ARE murky water sharks but it is not likely you will find them that far inland. Rivers and estuaries near the coast are prime spots for the bull shark. Main concerns in Jordan Lake are the snakes.