How fish reproduce?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Externally males inject sperm into the water females inject eggs into the water

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Q: How fish reproduce?
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Do fish reproduce asexualy?

Fish sexually reproduce.

How do stare fish reproduce?

Star fish reproduce by splitting. They are asexual so they don't need a partner to reproduce.

What do fish reproduce?

More fish.

Do fish reproduce only?

Some fish do in fact only reproduce one time. Other fish can reproduce as many times as they would l like.

How do moonfish reporduce?

The moon fish reproduce by spawning. All fish reproduce by spawning.

Does a Clown fish reproduce?

No, clown fish do not reproduce. They just appear out of thin air.

Do bony fish reproduce sexually or asexually?

Bony fish reproduce sexually. No pun intended.

Does fish reproduce?


Do barracudas reproduce?

no they are fish

How does fish reproduce?

It reproduces:)

How does fish reproduce Asexual or sexual reproduction?

Most fish reproduce sexually (as per usual there are exceptions). Marine dwelling mammals (dolphins and whales) all reproduce sexually.

What type of fish can't reproduce?

Sterile ones, like most of the corn grown today (in the US).