How is a curry comb used?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you slip your hand through the holder slot, and make small circles on the horses neck and body. Be sure to get all the dirt loose. Follow up with the soft brush, and be sure to pick out the hooves!!!

-- the horse genius

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Q: How is a curry comb used?
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What is the massage comb used for on a horse?

Curry comb.

What is a plastic curry comb used for?

it does the same job as a rubber curry comb, it loosens dirt, hair and grease

What is a curry comb used for?

There are three different types of curry combs.Rubber curry comb- Can be used to loosen mud from the coat or to 'strap'- a grooming action that boosts muscles and circulation.Metal curry comb- You should never use a metal curry comb directly on a horse. it should only be used to remove dirt and dust from the body brushPlastic curry comb- The teeth are suitable for removing dried mud from the coat of an unclipped horse.

Why is a curry comb called a curry comb?

a curry comb is called a curry comb because when you rub the horse in circles its called currying the horse

What is a curry comb made of'?

Curry combs are made out of plastic, and some are metal. The plastic ones are used to get off dirt and stuff to dense for a brush. Metal curry combs are used mostly for removing dead hair. Hey there! So there is your answer.

In what order does a dandy brush a soft brush and a curry comb be used to groom a horse properly?

dandy comb, curry comb, soft brush i think.

Does the curry comb has to be used in circular movements?


In what order must these brushes used for curry comb-dandy brush-soft brush?

Curry Comb - Dandy Brush And Soft Brush

What are the three different brushes you use on a horse?

There are three: There is a hard curry comb and soft curry comb (used for body) and a main and tail brush.

What is a curry cumb?

It is a grooming tool used to comb horses.

Can you have a picture of a curry comb?

You can have a picture of a curry comb. All you need to do is type in curry comb into Google and go to the images section to pick an image out that you like.

Who invented curry comb?

Mr Curry did.