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So the frog can see prey and preditors on bothsides of its body with ease. frogs have eyes on the top of their head so the do not have to expose themselve to predators if they want to look around
The positioning of a frog's eyes constitutes an adaptive advantage for the species in two ways. First, it enables a frog to see in an 160-degree arc, which is much wider than most other animals, and enables to frog to spot predators quickly. Second, the frog is able to hide most of its body under water or within soil or other ground cover while maintaining visual connection with its surroundings. This, too, affords the frog an outstanding survival advantage.
The eyes of a frog are on top of their head so they can detect predators from above. Since frogs live in the water or on the ground, the danger always come from above. In treefrogs, the eyes are positioned rather on the sides of the head.

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Q: How is the positioning of the eyes an adaptive advantage for a frog?
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What is the adaptive value of the positioning of the internal nares of frog?

Because the frog cant bear to see your hideous facial features.

What advantage does the frog have its eyes on top of his head?

The frog likes to be in water and eyes on the top of the head help to see what is coming. Crocodiles also have them there.

What can you infer about the frog's field of vision from the position of frog's eyes?

A frogs eyes are on the side of its head which means they are suited to watching out for predators that might harm it rather than looking out for prey, the positioning of the frogs eyes give it a wide field of vision.

What is the adaptive characteristic for a frog?

the have tad polis

What are adaptive characteristics of a frog?

They have long toungs to where they can catch their prey

When was Frog Eyes created?

Frog Eyes was created in 2001.

What is the advantage of having eyes that protrude the top of the head?

A frog can partially submerge itself and still see out of the water.

Do frogs eat with their eyes?

Frog's eyes help the frog to swallow.

How many eyes does the frog have?

the species of frog contains a set of two eyes.

Who has bigger eyes frog or toad?

a frog does

How does a frog make use of the positioning of its tongue?

Rapid uncoiling of its long, sticky tongue allows a frog to capture its prey.

How are the eyes positioned in the frog's head in comparison to the positioning of persons eyes?

Human eyes are positioned on the sides of the nose, 1/3 of the way down the face. The frogs are positioned on the top 1/3 - enabling them to look out of the water without coming all the way out. The bulge also assists them in looking all directions at once. The frog's eyes also make it swallow. This is why they blink and pull their eyes in when eating food.

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