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About 11 ft for an African elephant. Asian is smaller.

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Q: How large can a bull elephant be at the shoulder?
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How many gallons does a large bull elephant drink?

an elephant drinks up to 170 litres a day .

How tall is a bull elephant?

Bulls average around 2500 lbs and stand around 6 feet at the shoulder or more.

What is the male elephant is called?

A male elephant is called a bull or a tusker.A male elephant is called a bull.

What is a male elephant?

A male elephant is called a bull or a tusker.A male elephant is called a bull.

What do you call a male adult elephant?

a bull elephant is 2 foot bigger than a cow elephant

What is a father elephant?

He is a bull elephant.

Is a bull stronger than an elephant?

A bull is strong, but it is not stroner than an elephant.

How much taller is a bull elephant than a timber elephant?

On average a bull elephant is 10 feet tall, and a timber elephant is about 9 feet tall. A bull elephant is about 1 foot taller than a timber elephant.

What are daddy elephant called?

A bull elephant.

Can a bull elephant on the rut kill a moose?

Yes, a bull elephant can easily kill a moose.

How tall is a bull elephant bull-elephants?

Around 12 to 18 ft tall. They are also about 15 to 20 ft long. They have large, long ivory.

Were does bull live? everywhere. Bull is the term for a male bovine as well as large species of male antelope and deer, which includes cattle, bison, elk, moose etc. A male elephant is also referred to as a bull.