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The hen can take short periods off the nest and it will not hurt the brood. A period of over an hour or two may do damage to the brood.

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Q: How long can a mother hen be off the nest?
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If a hen is sitting will she get off her nest a long period of time?

no, If she did her eggs will get cold

How do you use the word hen in a sentence?

Example sentence - She had to move the hen off the nest in order to pick up the eggs.

How long can the hen stay off her eggs while eating?

She will usually stay off the nest for less that 20 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes for the eggs to cool enough to do any damage.

Should you disturb the nesting hen by cleaning up the manure?

Yes but try to disturb her the least way possible. Only clean what you consider a danger to newly hatched chicks. Clean so the hen is not off the nest any more than a few minutes. Try not to move the nest much or the hen may stay off the eggs.

Do hens ever get off the eggs while setting?

Yes. A broody hen will not defecate in its own nest. They also still require food and water. The broody hen will not leave the nest for very long or very far and certainly not when anyone is around. Her mission is to protect the eggs in the clutch and everything is a predator including you when you check on her. It just appears than she never leaves.

How long does it take an egg under a hen to incubate?

21 days from the time she remains on the clutch of eggs. A broody hen may gather eggs for several days before remaining on the nest continually. Brood hens will move off a nest of eggs for food, water and defecation but not usually for more than 20 minutes each time.

Does the hen feed the baby turkey's?

No, mother hens do not feed their chicks. The mother hen calls her chicks and encourages them to peck food up off the ground in the same way that she does.

What the length of time a hen can be off of its eggs?

A broody hen usually does not leave the nest for more than 20 minutes. The eggs cannot cool more than a few degrees before damaging the embryo inside.

How long can a duck egg survive after its mother has abandoned it?

Duck eggs can survive for hours without the mother. Sometimes, mother ducks will leave the nest to find food, then come back to lay another egg and incubate the nest. As long as she regularly warms the eggs, she doesn't have to stay with them all the time.

What is a chicken called that sits for a long time on a nest?

A domestic chicken who is settled down on some eggs is "incubating" the eggs. She is called a "broody" hen. During this time she will not lay any eggs herself, but some hens will accept eggs from other hens while she is off the nest getting food, water and exercise.

Can the broody hen go back on the eggs after two hours?

Broody hens do and will leave the eggs for a small amount of time. They will leave to eat, drink and defecate. They will usually do this when things in the coop are calm and quiet. If a hen remains off the nest for more than an hour or so then there may be a problem. The incubating eggs cannot be allowed to cool more than a few degrees and the hen instinctively knows this. If your hen has left the nest for more than two hours you should remove the eggs and artificially incubate as soon as possible. 100.5 F with a humidity of 60% will work fine.

Will a flycatcher return to its same nest year after year if the nest has not been disturbed?

It depends on species but territories are generally held by males and they return to the same territory each year, if they can fight-off competitors. The same hen turning-up is far from guaranteed, but re-use of a successful nest-site is quite possible. Disturbance of the old nest is not relevant.