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Duck eggs that have baby ducks inside can only last around 60 hours in the cold without being incubated. If they have no baby inside they can last a long time. Up to a few weeks. But if the egg is left to long then it will go rotten. Check first to see if the egg is fertile, if so transfer to an incubator or under a broody hen. Go to for more accurate answers.

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Q: How long can duck eggs survive in the cold?
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How long after a duck mates are the eggs fertilized?


how long before a baby duck is born?

Ducks aren't born, they're hatched from eggs.

How long does it take for a duck to lay it's eggs?

About 21 days

How long do the wood duck incubate on their eggs?

Appx 30 days

How long do duck eggs stay fertile before hatching?

12 days

What happens if setting hen gets off nest and eggs get cold before she returns?

if an egg gets cold the embryo will die. if the hens are brooding they will almost never get up that long. however it is not impossible for an egg to survive. fertile eggs can be refrigerated and still hatched as long as the embryo has not yet started to develops.

How long can a duck egg survive after its mother has abandoned it?

Duck eggs can survive for hours without the mother. Sometimes, mother ducks will leave the nest to find food, then come back to lay another egg and incubate the nest. As long as she regularly warms the eggs, she doesn't have to stay with them all the time.

How long does it take moscovy duck eggs to hatch?

Most ducks incubate and hatch their eggs in about 28 days. If your duck has been sitting on her eggs for 5 or more weeks, the eggs are likely infertile. If this is the case, you should remove the infertile eggs so the mother duck can get back to feeding and exercizing.

If you have been watching a duck's nest with 9 eggs in it and the eggs are turning a light tan are the eggs going to hatch and a bout how long will it take?

25 years

How long can a new born rabbite survive in the cold?

i found out the hard way,the babies dont survive in extreme cold or hot

How long after Peking Duck lays eggs can you incubate them. My duck laid her eggs on the edge of the pond then laid on them over night and now seems to have abandoned them. What can I do?

Get an oil and put the oil to the prying pan and get the egg and cook it........

How long will eggs survive if power cut?

30 minutes max