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You can ride a mare until the third trimester of her pregnancy without harming the foal. Be sure she has access to fresh water, proper food and nutrients.

Do not overwork her, but she may still do all usual training, nothing new. You may show her, or ride her on trails.

She will need all her enery for producing the foal in the last trimester, and slight increase in feed, but don't let her get fat.

You can continue riding your mare up until the 9th or 10th month, just so long as you keep to slow, easy work, particularly later in her pregnancy. Just watch her, and she'll let you know when you need to stop or slow down. (For instance, my usually gentle mare started pinning her ears and nipping the air when I girthed her up around her 8th month, but still let me bareback her for short, slow rides for another two months.)

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Q: How long can you ride a horse when it's pregnant?
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